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As a findependent customer, you already enjoy numerous advantages. But we would like to offer you even more and are pleased to introduce three new partner offers: Bestag, FinFinder and Lend are now also part of our offer. These partners are just as uncomplicated and unique as we are. You can now find more information in the findependent app.

Why we enter into partnerships

The financial world is in a state of flux. Established financial products are being replaced by innovations that meet the needs of users even better.

We’ve been thinking about what you need in addition to your smart findependent investment solution and how we can support you without losing sight of our core business. That’s why we’ve teamed up with partners from the financial industry and negotiated exclusive deals for you.

All our partners follow a similar philosophy to ours. They are digital, user-oriented, reliable and transparent and offer great value for money. So you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best. Check out our partners in detail and benefit from great offers.

The money that findependent earns with these partnerships flows into the development of our app.


If you are looking to value or sell a property, Bestag can help you with the valuation and selection of an agent. Bestag finds the three most suitable agents for you and then creates an initial estimate of the selling price. This initial estimate is expanded and refined by several professional evaluations in the Bestag process. You decide on the selling price and select the broker.

Bestag has offices in Zurich, Bern and Vaud and is now represented throughout Switzerland.


FinFinder is a free platform that helps you find a personal financial coach. If you have specific questions about your financial situation that go beyond investment, a financial coach can be the right person for you. He or she can help you with topics such as pension distribution in the event of divorce, inheritance contracts or tax optimisation.

With FinFinder, you can select the desired consulting topic with just a few clicks and receive a selection of certified and independent financial coaches who might be a good fit for you. This is especially helpful if you don’t really trust your bank or insurance advisor when it comes to independence. You then decide for yourself which financial coaches you want to share your contact details with.

FinFinder has a professional network of several hundred financial advisors and has established itself as a successful matchmaking platform on the market within a few months.


Lend is a platform for peer-to-peer lending. On the platform, borrowers submit an application, for example for a personal loan or a mortgage. As an investor, you can then invest directly in the published loan projects. Lend acts as a marketplace, takes care of the documentation and, if the financing is successful, handles the payments between the two parties.

Lend is a Zurich-based fintech that was founded in 2015 and has already processed around 5’000 projects since then.

As a findependent customer, you receive 20 francs in credit on your findependent account for your first investment project (at least 1’000 francs). The credit is credited at the end of the quarter.

The following partner offers have been online since November 2022:


Swisspeers offers you the opportunity to grant loans directly to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland. You choose the project, interest rate and amount and Swisspeers takes care of the rest.

Loans to SMEs may sound unconventional at first. But in fact it is an ideal portfolio addition to your classic, ETF (exchange traded funds) investments in shares, bonds and real estate. This gives you an even broader base. And you support local SMEs in their growth.

The financing platform of the Swiss fintech start-up went live in 2016, and since then thousands of private investors have financed more than 550 companies with over 100 million Swiss francs and earned interest.

As a findependent customer, you will be granted Gold status for the first 12 months, which means you benefit from a particularly advantageous fee model. Follow the three steps below and save up to ⅓ of all Swisspeers fees: 1. enter your email address, 2. register on the Swisspeers platform, 3. start investing. You will find the link to start in the findependent app.

To explain the offer in detail, we organised a webinar with our friends from Swisspeers. You can watch the recording (in German) here.

Links das Swisspeers-Logo mit dem Schriftzug Swisspeers, rechts ein Laptop mit der Swisspeers-Webseite auf dem Screen.


Conda is a crowdinvesting platform. It offers you as an individual investor the opportunity to participate in the financing of handpicked Swiss start-ups and thus benefit from their growth. You judge for yourself whether the company has a chance and whether an investment is interesting for you.

Conda has also existed in Switzerland (Baar) since 2021. The Conda Group is a pioneer in crowdinvesting for start-ups. Since its founding in 2013, 180 projects with over 55 million euros have been successfully financed throughout the GAS region. Conda now counts over 43’000 international investors among its community.

As a findependent customer, you will be invited exclusively to pre-funding rounds and benefit from preferential conditions for your crowd investments. You can find out more here.

Links das Conda-Logo mit dem Schriftzug Rechts ein Laptop mit der Conda-Webseite auf dem Screen. Der Hintergrund mit dem Violett der Conda-Farbpalette eingefärbt

These are the partner offers that have already been online since September 2022:


Neon is your digital everyday account without basic fees. With the cheapest account in Switzerland, you have your finances under control. The app for your smartphone is your daily companion, whether you want to pay for your lunch in Switzerland or withdraw cash abroad. The perfect complement to your investment account with findependent.

Download the Neon app, open your Neon account digitally and enter our code, which you will find in the Neon app. This way you benefit from a 20 franc starting credit.

The collaboration with Neon is as old as our start-up itself. Matthias worked at Neon before the founding of findependent and witnessed the development of the account app live. Today, Neon is no longer a newcomer, but has firmly established itself in the financial world.

Splint Invest

Splint Invest is a platform for alternative investments. You can invest in shares (so-called splints) of tangible assets. Examples are luxury goods such as whisky barrels or watches, commodities and private equity.

For all those who have ever asked us about alternative investments: Splint Invest is the solution. With Splint Invest you invest your money in alternative investments such as watches, wine and whisky. This may sound strange at first, but it is a great complement to your ETF investments at findependent. Alternative investments hardly correlate with traditional financial markets.

You can easily download the Splint app from Google Play or the App Store and get started right away. When registering, enter our code, which you will find in the Splint app, and benefit from a starting credit of 60 euros.


Smile is the largest online insurer in Switzerland and offers you different insurance solutions with the best service at fair premiums. You can control everything conveniently via your mobile phone.

Smile is a pioneer when it comes to digital insurance solutions. Who has time these days to go through countless insurance offers and spend hours comparing them? We know this problem only too well, which is why we are especially proud to save you this hassle and present you with Smile, a great and practical solution. Within 3 minutes you can take out the insurance products, or smile.home 100% online without any paperwork.

As a findependent customer, you benefit from a discount of CHF 100 on your Smile car insurance and CHF 50 on your bike or household insurance. You can find the links to the offers in our findependent app.

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