Why is my share of an asset class significantly higher/lower than the target value?

For small investment sums (less than 2’000 Swiss francs), it is possible that the shares of individual asset classes (stocks, bonds, and real estate) deviate by more than 5% from the target values. This is because only whole ETF units can be bought and sold, but at the same time, even with small investment sums, investments are always made in all asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate). The exception is the Risky investment solution, which exclusively includes stock ETFs.

We try to illustrate this with an example: Since the ETF bonds of companies in CHF (the exact name of the ETF is iShares Core CHF Corp Bond) cost about CHF 100 per unit, and even with an investment sum of CHF 500 in the Brave investment solution, 1 unit of it is purchased, the bond portion of the investment solution at this investment sum is about 20%, although the target value would actually be only 8%.

As the investment sum increases, the shares of individual asset classes correspond more closely to the target values.