Can I lose my money? How much risk/fluctuation should I expect?

Yes, investing money is always associated with the risk of loss, especially in the short term. Even though the markets go through boom and crisis phases again and again, the long-term trend is upwards. In other words, the longer you invest, the lower the risk.

It is therefore important to start investing early and to hold the investments for a long time, especially in crisis phases. In order to succeed, it is crucial to choose the investment solution that suits you. You can also reduce the risk by making your deposits and payouts gradually. In this way, you avoid having caught a bad moment in retrospect.

findependent does not rely on speculative trading, but pursues a long-term investment strategy with controlled risk. Our investment solutions are highly diversified, i.e. the investment success is not dependent on individual companies, sectors or regions.

The higher the proportion of equities in your investment solution, the higher the fluctuations.

In general, however, it is difficult to predict how much the value of your investment solution will fluctuate in the future. Historically, the biggest annual losses were in 2008 during the financial crisis. For our four findependent investment solutions, these were:

  • Cautious: -19.5%
  • Balanced: -27.9%
  • Brave: -35.5%
  • Risky: -41.8%

And during the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, prices fell as follows within the months of February and March:

  • Cautious: -11.4%
  • Balanced: -13.4%
  • Brave: -15.5%
  • Risky: -17.3%

In the long term, however, the markets have always recovered. This was also the case during the Covid 19 pandemic, for example, where prices rose again after the low point in March 2020 and after around half a year had already returned to the level seen before the start of the pandemic.