How exactly does findependent monitor the investment solution? (Rebalancing)

On the one hand, we review the allocation of your investment solution to equities, bonds and real estate on a daily basis and, if necessary, restore the original allocation by means of rebalancing.

Secondly, we constantly analyse the ETF market and see whether we can replace an existing ETF with a better, more favourable one in our ready-made findependent investment solutions and whether we want to adjust our ETF selection for putting together an own investment solution.

This is how exactly rebalancing works:

If an asset class (equities, bonds, real estate) deviates more than 5% from the original target weighting, we buy and sell the corresponding ETFs to restore the original allocation. In this way, we ensure that your investment solution is permanently in line with your investment profile.

How often we actually have to rebalance depends on market developments. The more different the individual asset classes develop, the more often corrections have to be made. Since each new deposit is also invested in such a way that the asset allocation of the investment solution comes as close as possible to the target allocation, rebalancing is less frequently necessary when deposits are made regularly.


You have chosen the investment solution Balanced and your allocation looks like this at the beginning (target allocation):

  • Equities: 60%
  • Bonds: 28%
  • Real estate: 10%
  • Liquidity: 2%

If the value of the equities increases significantly more than the value of the bonds and real estate, it is possible that the equities suddenly account for more than 65% of your investment sum. In this case, we sell certain equtities during rebalancing and buy bonds and real estate in order to return to the target allocation.

With small investment sums (< CHF 2’000), a deviation of more than 5% can also occur.