How (frequently) can I adjust my investment solution? Does it cost anything?

You can change your investment solution or redefine your investment profile at any time without any additional costs on our part. You can do this conveniently directly in your investment goal.

Since ETF units are sold and others are bought when you change your investment solution, this always incurs certain transaction costs such as stamp duties and stock exchange fees and, if applicable, currency conversion fees. For details, see here.

If your life situation changes significantly, i.e. if your details regarding investment goal, investment term, investment wealth, financial situation, experience and knowledge or risk tolerance change, you will have to reassess the investment profile.

What we do not recommend is to adjust your investment solution in response to any developments on the markets. The danger is that you will always be one step too late. Instead, choose your investment solution in such a way that you can personally bear the losses in value in the next crisis and do not have to sell your investments at rock-bottom prices.