Can I invest in a specific ETF or in a specific individual equity like Tesla?

At findependent you have two ways to invest your money:

  1. With one of our five findependent investment solutions from the same nine ETFs. The ETFs have been selected and combined in such a way that together they achieve an optimal risk-return ratio. With these ready-made investment solutions, you are automatically broadly supported and don’t have to worry about anything.
  2. With your own investment solution, which you put together yourself from a selection of around 30 pre-selected ETFs. You can weight the selected ETFs individually. You invest according to your personal preferences, while findependent ensures that you are sufficiently diversified and takes care of the rebalancing.

Are you missing an ETF? Then write to us at We are constantly reviewing the selection of ETFs and will be releasing more ETFs in the future.

We deliberately do not focus on single shares such as individual equities, but invest in the entire market thanks to the ETFs.