Can I combine two investment goals? Can I transfer only part of my goal to another goal?

You can easily combine two investment goals on your own in the app. To do so, click on the name of your target and select “Transfer” and then the desired target.
It does not matter whether you use the same investment solution for both goals or not. Note, however, that when combining different investment solutions, units must be sold in order for the target investment solution to be fulfilled.
Example: You transfer your units from a target with the investment solution “Risky” with only shares to a target with a considered investment solution. In order for the “Cautious” investment solution to be fulfilled for the entire investment amount, units of equity ETFs must be sold and, for example, real estate ETFs must be purchased. This causes transaction costs!

What is not possible is the partial transfer of your target. You cannot move half of the 10’000 francs in your target A, i.e. 5’000 francs, to target B. This would trigger a rebalancing, which in turn causes costs. Therefore, it is “all or nothing” and, as always, we recommend few changes for the most successful investing.